Job Interviews…The Good and the Bad.

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It’s been a long week. I got the brilliant news that I wasn’t selected for the second stage of interviews in Enterprise Ireland Graduate Programme. I would have enjoyed the selection and the chance to grow in one of the biggest business in Ireland and abroad. Move on I guess!

In other news, I spent most of this week in the capital I was doing interviews in Blackrock and in Dublin City Centre. They were both for a Digital Marketing internship for three to six months with the possibility of a job. From my experience of previously of going to a Digital Marketing Internship interview which didn’t go very well.

I went for a job interview in Dame Street which the interviewer turned up an hour late! Then he proceeded to question me for fifteen minutes and then left. I still haven’t received any information regarding whether I was chosen or not. So to say the least I was a bit scared of what I getting into.

I spent the days before going over interview questions, wondering what he will ask. How will I get there? Do I look alright? Is there enough for me to the job. On Monday I got up early round half ten and headed to Blackrock, I spent over two hours looking for the location. Turns out the location were the last place I worked. The interview went well; we discussed all different forms of digital marketing form PPC, Keyword research, Website Design and Social Media. I mentioned and went through my Curriculum Vitae, answered questions such as:

Why do you think you would be suited this role?

Can you explain PPC?

Can you control multiple accounts for many different customers?

Are you willing to relocate?

All the questions were answered correctly and I was thought the interview went pretty well. I didn’t want to jinx it but I felt I had got it.

I am willing to relocate in fact I would like to get out of Limerick for a while. They told me that they would get back to me by Wednesday. Unfortunately I didn’t hear anything, that’s right. Nothing! No email, no phone call.

What have I learned from this experience? Don’t put all your eggs in one bag. Always expect the unexpected. You don’t get the job until you the job.

In the other interview, the interview was nice and early. The interview was a nice guy, the interview ranged across different topics from sports to interest in digital marketing. The role although slightly different as it was a start up business involved the chance to work in all parts of the business. In the interview I was asked questions ranging

What three things make you right for this job?

It’s a start up company so everyone is involved in every part of the business, would this suit you?

Do you an interest in Digital Marketing?

My answers included that I would be suited to the job as I have a interest in digital marketing (hence the blog)

I would enjoy working in a start up, everything’s new and challenging. Everyone works for the same result, in big companies there are different goals for different parts of the company.

Overall, I was happy with how the interviewed ended. I showed my recent projects at the end of the interview, he said he was impressed with me and my determination.

What have I learned from this experience?

I won’t put all my eggs in one basket. I won’t expect the job until I get the job.


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As a Marketing and Management student graduate. I am gaining experience in the marketing world,currently employed in Focus Consulting as a Market Research assistant. I have learned about business law,consumer behaviour,HRM,Ecomonics and many more. I am consistent on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook and believe that the future is digital. Also have a site on linkedin as seen below. Follow me on: Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn:

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